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    111, 52 Old Port Wakefield Road, Virginia SA 5120 Property Number : 1319991 价格 : 234,000 (土地) 0 0 0

    Alex Goodwin

    联系方式 :
    0414 577 479


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    111单元,52 Old Port Wakefield Road, Virginia SA 5120
    价格:$234,000 (土地)
    面积: 746平方米,不规则,正面宽13.64米
    类型: 土地 (房屋和土地选项可另行咨询)

    Lot 111-photo.png

    111单元具有746平方米的巨大占地面积, 足够建4个卧室的房子,并带有户外休闲区,同时留有足够的空间作为家庭的后院。这片土地平整并且服务配套 , 这意味着天然气、水、 电、 NBN网络及排污管道均已预先接通 至您的地块单元, 这将极大地减少您建房时的花费。

    Lot 111 Arrow.png

    美灯(Maiden)物业是快速发展的Virginia区内最大的开发项目,新近投资$867,000,000的北联公路(Northern Connector Motorway)与之相连并已通车。
    北联公路具有六车道,15.5公里连接Northern Expressway, South Road 高速和Port River高速。

    Virginia to Adelaide CBD Map.png


     33分钟车程即达阿德莱德市中心
     40分钟车程即达世界著名的葡萄酒区(巴罗莎):包括Chateau Tanunda酒庄、Peter Lehmann Wines酒庄 和Grant Burge 酒窖。
     教育:附近有排名优秀的4类小学Virginia小学和Angle Vale 小学(政府投资$1.3亿的教育项目中,其中之一就是Angle Vale从出生至12年级的项目);还有著名的Trinity College Gawler中学和Xavier 中学;南澳大学Mawson Lakes校区。


    请致电 Leipzig地产的
    Alex Goodwin 0414 577 479

    请致电0412 265 932联系我们的中文代表。

    Address: Lot 111, 52 Old Pt Wakefield Road, Virginia, SA 5120
    Listing Price: $234,000
    Size: 746 m2 irregular allotment with 13.64m frontage.
    Type: Land Only (House and Land packages available).

    Build your dream home on Lot 111 in the booming suburb of Virginia! This block is an enormous 746m2 allotment, which is big enough to fit your four-bedroom home (with outdoor alfresco!) and still have plenty of space leftover for the big family backyard.
    This block is flat and fully-serviced (which means that all services, including natural gas, water, electricity, NBN and sewerage, are all pre-installed close to the perimeter of your block, which reduces your site costs when you build).
    You might be wondering, for all of this, how do we maintain the cheapest land prices in Virginia?
    Well, it’s simple. We sell on behalf of Leipzig Australia, the developer. We can also show you House and Land packages to suit Lot 111 or for any other allotment within Maiden Estate.
    Maiden Estate is a premier development in the fast-growing suburb of Virginia, made accessible by the recent ($867 million!) Northern Connector motorway which is now open to traffic (it’s a six-lane, 15.5-kilometre motorway linking the Northern Expressway, South Road Superway and Port River Expressway).
    You should assess the suitability of any purchase of land in light of your own needs and ircumstances by seeking independent financial and legal advice, but we’re confident they will agree, Virginia is the next Blakesview. Get in now to catch the boom!

    What we like about Virginia:
    • 33 minutes to the Adelaide Central Business District (CBD).
    • 40 minutes to world-class wine country (Barossa Valley) including; Chateau Tanunda, Peter Lehmann Wines, and Grant Burge Cellar Door.
    • Education: Good Primary Schools nearby including Virginia Primary School and Angle Vale Primary School (The Government has invested $1.3 billion into an Education Capital Works Program, part of which is a new Birth to Year 12 (B-12) school in Angle Vale!); As well as prestigious secondary schools Trinity College Gawler and Xavier College; Also close to the University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes.

    We would be happy to talk you through the process of owning your own home or building a strategic investment portfolio here in Australia.

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